endeavor, in my limited time, to produce more letters and documentations of my life and mind. Unable to produce grand treatises, I intend to borrow the beloved format of “letters” or short, diverse disputations on the nature of knowledge and being. I encountered this format through my experience with Seneca, and his 124 epistles on morality, philosophy, and nature.

I enjoy such “letters” for their fluidity and distinct sense of articulation on a particular theme. Just as men change, so do their ideas, interests, actions, and opinions. Letters allow one to evoke the essence, not the entire argument for which one may later expand. Short “essays” of this sort, allow one to freely and openly address various dispositions at will, untethered and unencumbered by the necessity of a grand whole.

Quite simply — Without judgement, predestination, or presupposition, I wish to document the notions which manifest in my mind.

Whether I intend to expand on topics of philosophy or non-fiction, marketing, or metaphysics, I shall be able to do so through the format of letters.

From the profound to the plain, I wish to share more of what’s on my mind.

Aug 13, 2018

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