Philosopher - Artist - Entrepreneur

Hi, I'm Colin! I'm a 21-year-old philosopher, artist and entrepreneur currently studying philosophy, physics and neuroscience at NYU. My philosophy and interests lie within the history of ideas, the reification of philosophy through art, metaphysics, ethics, phenomenology and the nature of consciousness, governance and the social contract, post-capitalist economics, utopia, Greek, Roman and medieval literature, theoretical physics, and human potential. I am primarily concerned with the nature of education as a path toward enlightenment, the philosophy of pedagogy and perennial erudition. 

Before philosophy, I spent the past six years dedicating my life to the art and science of filmmaking at both the student and professional level. Having worked on more than 85 short films, many award-winning works, and having attended the premiere boarding arts high school in the world, Interlochen Arts Academy continuing on to study film at NYU, I value my education and experience as innately responsible for the nature of his present being. Art established my fundamental pursuit of knowledge; philosophy, science, and technology continue to nurture my will to grow.

Understanding that it would take much more than a knowledge of film/art to realize my dream of creating work one day capable of changing the world, I decided to pursue a two-year personal and financial leave of absence to develop my ideas and the entirety of my being.

In the last 24 months, I have read more than 100 of the most influential texts in the western canon, completing more than 1000 hours of education in philosophy, psychology, physics, neuroscience and history, managing an additional 200+ hours of education in music provided by MOOC's online. I have produced more than 1500 pages of detailed notes, multiple synopsis’ for developing social, philosophical and scientific doctrines, a lifelong intellectual roadmap and a handful of ideas I hope will impact the world soon.